CCIE Study: 3 Months Deep

Month three of my CCIE training has not been an easy one. I started off with a cold that was making things pretty foggy, while I was trying to learn several topics much further in-depth. On top of this, I was being beaten to death by a heavy load of flash cards, as I had increased my “new cards” load from 20 to 30. As I stated in my 2 Month update, I had a lot of catching up to do.

After the restarts, lab-rebuilds, and relearning I had been feeling pretty defeated. There’s something about running into failures right away that leaves you feeling pretty demotivated. These demotivating feelings can lead to distraction, and negative attitudes that only make studying even more difficult. These feelings stack up and can eventually make one ready to give up.

Thankfully, I had the guys over at RouterGods to talk me through this, as well as a few of my mentors and friends, and of course my awesome wife. There was also a really good video put out by one of the RouterGods members, as well as a blog post. My bible-study group was also very helpful.

On the subject of subjects being learned, I spent most of the month covering PPP, and PPPoE, CEF, basic IP routing, PBR, and RIP. I also managed to get caught up on flashcards, and even made some good breakthroughs on concepts that I didn’t quite understand.

The Big Takeaway

Don’t give up! In the Marines, I learned that you can’t just give up when life is rough. There’s a reason that a CCIE is considered an “expert.” Being an expert isn’t easy; If it was, there’d be a lot less morons in the world. Becoming an expert takes time, effort, and discipline. That’s why they say “The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”

Moving Forward

So what’s on the agenda for next month? For my fourth month of self-abuse studying, I’ll be working on EIGRP and hopefully OSPF. As much as I’d like to do more, I think that those two topics are pretty deep and I’ll be lucky to get both of them in the month. I would even contend that while I have pretty deep experience with EIGRP, my OSPF knowledge is thin enough to ensure that learning won’t come quickly.

Additional Resources


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